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The British in uganda

In 1875 the explorer Henry Stanley reached Uganda. At that time Uganda was divided into kingdoms. Shortly afterwards the first missionaries came to Uganda. The first Anglican missionaries arrived in Uganda in 1877. The first Roman Catholic missionaries arrived in 1879. Catholics, Protestants and Muslims all tried to convert the Ugandans. However there was much hostility to the new religions. In 1885 James Hannington the first bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa was murdered. Nevertheless in the wake of missionaries came trade. In 1888 the British government gave the British East Africa Company control of Uganda. Meanwhile the European powers decided to divide up Africa among themselves. In 1890 Germany and Britain signed an agreement confirming that Uganda was in the British sphere of influence. Gradually the company took control of Uganda and the local chiefs were reduced to being puppet rulers. Finally in 1894 the British government made Uganda a...

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« Tu ne deviens un homme que lorsque tu as construit ta propre maison. »

Proverbe Ougandais - Jean Marc henry

« Le chasseur à la poursuite de l'éléphant ne s'arrête pas pour lancer des pierres aux oiseaux.»

Proverbe Ougandais - jean Marc Henry